The Boy Who Danced on Air - For a Night Lyrics

2018 Off-Broadway
The Boy Who Danced on Air the Musical - For a Night Lyrics

"For a Night" is a song performed by Nikhil Saboo from The Boy Who Danced on Air the Musical.

You all look like you’ve had enough
I’ve never seen a group of men with so… little… energy
is it always like this around here?
or are you just tired?
Ok, well, maybe this will wake you up.

Life always leaves you wanting so much more
We dream our dreams but then we can’t achieve them
Some say a wish is not worth fighting for
There’s so much
We just
Can’t do
Don’t try to tell me that your hopes are dead
Don’t try to tell me that you don’t believe them
‘Cause you need all your dreams so much
And as long as you feel my touch
They might come true

I could be desire
I could be a hunger
I could be your deep unspoken need
I could be excitement
I could be a comfort
I can set your heart to unsafe speeds
I’ll be your every dream,
For a night

We’re all in desperate need for something more
So could you find a way to give me more
yes, close your eyes and you’ll see so much
Hold your breath and then feel my touch
I’m here for you
yes, Just a night but it won’t be fake
‘cause I swear that I’m hear to make your dreams come true
Yes, and the night will go awfully fast
But your dreams were not built to last
They rarely do
But still, we’ll make a night of it
On and on
Till its dawn
Then I’m gone

I could be your devil
I could be your idol
I could be the words your never speak
I could be your present
I could be your future
I could be the answer that you seek

I could be your music
I could be your prayer book
I could be the whisper in your ear
I could be your warm night
I could be our heartbeat
I could be the memories you hold dear

And all will be alright
For a night

[Thanks to natalie for lyrics]

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For a Night Lyrics from The Boy Who Danced on Air the Musical

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