Cagney - A Work Of Genius Lyrics

Off-Broadway musical (2016)
Cagney the Musical - A Work Of Genius Lyrics

(Music & Lyrics by Christopher McGovern)

Jack Warner (spoken): Get me them both!

If I want it done right
It’s up to me then
But I only got two hands instead of ten
So it’s "hey you" – "you there"
"Somethin’ else to do there"
Or you’ll be out there shining shoes again!

A work of genius
Don’t have to take time
It just takes purpose
A dream and a dime
The clock is ticking
So fill the marquee
A work of genius can be simple – look at me

If I want it done right
It’s me – that’s swell
‘Cause i’m the person in personnel
So it’s "action" – "rolling"
But never too controlling
I only got one voice to give ‘em hell

A work of genius
Sometimes can be sweet
If that ain’t workin’
They need to be beat
But with a smile
You kill ‘em with kind
A work of genius takes a simple state of mind

Not to mention promotion

Jane (spoken): Yes!

Jack warner: Devotion

Jane (spoken): Yes!

Jack Warner: All the while controlling your emotion

Jane Jane (spoken): Right...

Jack Warner: Cost reduction

Jane Jane (spoken): Right...

Jack Warner: Reproduction

Jane: Yes!

Jack Warner: All under my gentle instruction

Jane (spoken): Yes!

Jack Warner:
It's a winner's table - grab a chair
And make a toast to me
Which I'll gladly take 
With my customary humble joie de vie

Jack Warner (spoken): Get me casting!

Jane (spoken): Yes sir.

Jack Warner (spoken):
No actor’s gonna get the best of me. Actors are a dime a dozen.

Jane (spoken): Casting Mr. Warner.

Jack Warner:
Warner here. 
Who’s making a big splash on broadway right now?
Yes, this minute. Well
Who’s in this morning’s paper?
Cagney? James cagney.
The next big thing, huh? 
Well, fly him out to los angeles!

Warner:                                   Jane:
A work of genius                       Isn’t he swell?
Requires a czar                         Tho sometimes I’m the only one
To make ‘em happy                   Who can tell...
To make ‘em a star                   But okey dokey
I don’t need credit
You need the right key!              Oh can’t you see? 
A work of genius can be

Jane: Gorgeous

Jack Warner (spoken): Huh?

Jane (spoken): Nothing. 

Jack Warner: Look at me

Jane (spoken): I am Mr. Warner. Sugar?

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