Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka! Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical - Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka! Lyrics

"Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka!" is a song performed by Jake Ryan Flynn/ Ryan Foust/ Ryan Sell (Charlie).

[Charlie, spoken:]
My Grandpa Joe says,
Willy Wonka is the greatest chocolatier who ever lived.
[Candy Seller, spoken:]
So? What happened to him?
[Charlie, spoken:]
You run a candy shop. Do you really not know any of this?

How can a man who sells chocolate not know
All the history, I don't understand!
How can a man who sells chocolate not know
Of the mystery I hold in my hand!

Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka!

Willy Wonka made sweets
Most delectable treats

Willy Wonka!
Was the best of the best
If the subject is Wonka, it's true:
I'm obsessed!

[Candy Seller, spoken:] Well, what does he look like?
[Charlie, spoken:] Now he must be like a thousand years old,
He probably has a hump!

But my Grandpa Joe sings of the treats beyond words
Desired by old and by young
Like eggs made of chocolate that turned into birds!
Who perched and sang tunes on your tongue!

Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka!

Willy Wonka was known
From Brasil to Cologne

Willy Wonka!
Lived his life to create
And if I could afford him
I'd be overweight!

[Candy Seller, spoken:] What happened next?
[Charlie, spoken:] He died.
[Candy Seller, spoken:] What?
[Charlie, spoken:] Commercially, he died.
[Candy Seller, spoken:] That's hardly the same thing.

You see, Wonka found out that to his sad surprise
The workers he cherished turned out to be spies!
They copied his recipes, spoiled his art
They sold all his secrets, and worse, they broke his heart

[Charlie, spoken:] Willy Wonka turned his back on the world.
He shut up shop, and he locked his factory.
They say he hates all humanity.
[Candy Seller, spoken:] Nobody thinks to knock?
Maybe give the guy a call?
[Charlie, spoken:] Well it's a factory with no workers,
But somehow he still makes chocolate.
How does he do it?
Nobody ever goes in and nobody ever goes out.
It's one of the great mysteries of the chocolate making world.
[Candy Seller, spoken:] Who cares how the stuff's made,
As long as kids buy it.
[Charlie, spoken:] Oh no, only old people buy his chocolate now.
[Candy Seller, spoken:] What?
[Charlie, spoken:] Wonka's old fashioned,
He's out-of-date, he's not even advertised on TV.
[Candy Seller, spoken:] Huh, imagine.

And so, it's been decades and Wonka's grown old
Like I told you, it's like he was dead
Then I saw this shop and then lo and behold!
The explosion you heard was my head!

Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka!

Oh the joy since I've learned
His chocolate's returned!
Now I'm wishing on my dad's lucky star
To someday be able to buy one bar!

[Thanks to Megan Livermore for lyrics]

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