Calendar Girls - Scarborough Lyrics (Bonus Track)

2017 West End
Calendar Girls the Musical - Scarborough Lyrics (Bonus Track)

The song is written by Tim Firth and Gary Barlow.

The duvet we bought in the new year's sales,
It's patterned and bright and the size of whales.
Who holds the tops while
I'm folding the tails if you don't.
The door to the kitchen's a pain in the back.
It swells in the rain and it's cracked so who
Presses on the glass,
While I'm giving the bottom a wack,
If you won't.
The towels we use once a year for the beach,
Are all stored on the shelf only you can reach.
And if we can't get the towels,
How the hell are we going to do Scarborough?
Which by the way,
We've had planned for a year.
All the tickets I've bought in the drawer right here.
What the hell would I go and do all of that for,
If you're not here.
When the weather go ...
A patchy ... on the Irish sea,
Who make a noise like a Cherokee, if you can't.
And if that massive spider behind the sink,
Once again uses our baths as a skating rink,
Who'll release it humanely 'cause I'm telling ya,
I shan't.
Plus, we only just cracked our ingenious way,
To get out of that junction where cars wait all day,
You run down,
Press a zebra,
Jump in,
Traffic stops,
And we sail away.
And who will inspect me for bags round my eyes?
Who will correct my 'ie's to 'ei's?
And who will protect me,
While telling me lies,
If you're not here.

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