Calendar Girls - Killimanjaro Lyrics

2017 West End
Calendar Girls the Musical - Killimanjaro Lyrics

Song from "Calendar Girls the musical" is titled "Killimanjaro" and is written by Tim Firth and Gary Barlow.

Clarky, are you getting that?
Sorry mate
That thing you went and started?
Looks like it won't get done

So, on the one hand, no setee
But on the other, the world gets spared
The sight of me behind a currant bun

'Cus, God's eternal plan is
There are Chris' and there's Annies
In this life, you're born possessing what it takes
To get people going, or get people cakes

See, now's the kind of time to do Tibet
And I'd love to be the girl who does Tibet
But I'm not
And yet
And yet

Take a three-piece suit a man you loved once wore
Take it in a bag to Oxfam, then walk out the door
Take a pair of shoes that danced last New Year's Eve
Hand them to a grateful stranger
Turn around and leave

Then go and buy a bacon joint to have for tea
Convince yourself there's still some point in having tea
Make it through the next five minutes, endlessly

And you know what?
There is nothing
There is nothing in Nepal
More scary than the step up from the kitchen to the hall
There's no Mt. Kilimanjaro you can show me that compares
To climbing solo with some coco up a flight of stairs

You can battle with piranas in the jungles of Peru!
Or harder, cook a meal for one you used to cook for two
You can walk the Kalahari with stilettos on your feet!
Or harder, take a bus to town and sit down next-
Next to an empty seat

And if the girl who only bakes the cakes can cope
With getting wedding rings back in an envelope
A day will come to say 'okay, the sun has set'

But it isn't yet
It isn't yet
It is not yet!

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