Dotty and Caroline Lyrics

Caroline, or Change the Musical - Dotty and Caroline Lyrics

DOTTY: (speaks)
Evenin' Caroline

CAROLINE: (speaks)
Same To Ya

DOTTY: (speaks)
How you doing?
How you been?
Oo, it's warmest for November.
Gettin dark early, huh?
That bus betta not be late.
Ms. Griffin been lettin' me off early these days on account of night school.
She like havin' a maid goin' to college.
Make her feel sorta fancy.
I say it warmest for november?
Listen to dem frogs...
Expecting the moon.
I don't hardly ever take the bus now.
i got a boyfriend he gots a car.
We neva get to talk no more

Knees hurt, wore out, same as yesterday, same tomorrow,
Too Tired to talk...

DOTTY (speaks):
Well how Noah doing?

CAROLINE (speaks):
Ain't my job to mind that boy.
If you wanna know how Noah do ask him yourself.

Caroline, why you Huff at me?
You neva used to be that way.
All a sudden so unfriendly, I ain't neva done no harm to you.

I don't like the way you do.
You changed.
Gal your age wearin' bobby socks and saddle shoes,
Actin' like I don't know what all.

Everyone down at the college,
have to wear these shoes.
And I don't got call ta, you the one that change.

Plaid skirt, flipped hair,
Yous no kid and runs with men, neva mind.
Drinkin? too and smokin' cigarettes
And I Don't know what all.

Yous gettin' pinched and pruny like them ladies at your church.
Think they come at Gods suggestion judgin' this one, judgin' that one.
Fo you got yourself divorced,
Fo I told you I's goin to night school,
Fo all that you wasn't hateful.
Na You got all grim and gospel.
Sorry, you is sick and shame.
Sorry you drinkin misery tea.
Sorry, your life ain't what it should be.
Don't see why you think it's proper to take it out on me.

Seein' is how you ain't neva seen the inside of a church.
I don't think you got perspective on what the Gospel is.
Dotty Moffet, high and mighty Goin' to college every night.
Leastest thing that, they could teach you.
Is not to talk on what you's wholly, completely, abysmally ignorant of.

Where's the moon?
Should be here.
Them frogs askin, that's it.
Give us moon tonight, and it be warmest for november.
Give us moon tonight.

Moon Change

DOTTY (speaks):
Well, you heard on the tv yesterday...

CAROLINE (speaks):
I ain't go a TV.

That old Kappa statue...By the courthouse down town.
Honoring the brave conferdate solider.
The south's defender.
the civil war.
Ain't there no moooooore, it ain't there no more.

CAROLINE (speaks):
What are you talking about?

Last evenin somebody heist the hateful thing...
Unscrewed carried it away.

CAROLINE (speaks):
Now, Who would wanna do a thing like that?

No witness, don't got, don't got, no one's name,
don't know, don't know, who to blame.

It just mean trouble.
It mean that trouble on the way.
Don't want to hear that.

Standin there 100 year, now that statue he just disappear.
Things change everywhere, even here.
Yea, you want a smoke Ms. Piety and Rectitude.

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