Doctor Zhivago - No Mercy at All Lyrics

Broadway production 2015
Doctor Zhivago the Musical - No Mercy at All Lyrics

Men of your kind, traitors like you
Talk about mercy, but what did you do
When the power was yours did you protest?
Or did you just close your eyes, like the rest?

Well, the tables have turn, I'm in command
Doctors and lawyers and poets be damned
Only privileged men, paupers and wise
Puffing cigars on a mountain of lies
But the truth cries out to be told
For a new world, everything old has to fall
No mercy at all

Justice is dead, life isn't fair
Your brand of justice brought only despair
To an innocent girl, victim of lust
Used for amusement then tossed in the dust
And there is no justice for swine
Till your whole class dies a in a line at the wall
No mercy at all

How many nights have I dreamed of this day
Aching to even the score
Men of your kind gave her chocolates and brandy
But I gave her a war

All I have to do is aim the gun
All I have to say is when
Purge you one by one
And when I am done
Russia will be pure again

Mercy, you plead
Mercy you get
I'll be here waiting and watching you sweat
Like a rat in a cage, cringing in dread
Cornered like me when the gunner ran red
Like the steel blades tore through our skin
As the Tsar guard bellowed it's infamous call
Now reap what you sow
No mercy at all

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No Mercy at All lyrics from Doctor Zhivago musical

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