Daniel Day Lewis - I Can't Make This Movie Lyrics

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Daniel Day-Lewis - I Can't Make This Movie Lyrics

From Nine the Musical

I can't make this movie
There's no way that I'll begin it
I can't bear to see the cameras roll
The problem is the subject
There's no pleasant way to treat it
The problem is the author's lost control

How I wish it didn't have to be so
But we cut the losses, starting now
Strike the set and keep it for some side show
Tell the cast and crew that they can all go

Find another genius, I can't be one or become one
I can't even tell how I'd begin
Help, Luisa, help me, help me, mama, help me, someone
Here's a place where I have never been

Guido out in space with no direction
Guido at a loss for what to say
Guido with no intervening actors
Guido at the mercy of detractors
Guido here with no one else but

Nothing holds together
Nothing makes a bit of sense now
Impossible to grasp or understand
How can I go on to watch the whole of my existence
End up being nothing that I planned

Have I lost myself and all I wished for?
Has my life become a mindless game?
Guido, I can't stand the name of Guido
Guido, for god sake, who is this Guido?
Guido here with no one else but Guido

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I Can't Make This Movie Lyrics Daniel Day-Lewis