Dracula the Musical - Mina's seduction Lyrics

2004 Broadway
Dracula The Musical - Mina's seduction Lyrics

Ever since I saw you shivers down my spine
You're the one
Mina, you're the chosen one
I'm here to make you mine

You're the one out off all those I have known
All the centuries ago
You are flesh of my flesh for all time

I commanded armies, I defeated kings
But today seeing you this way
Armies and kings seem trivial things -
Empty and trivial things

Please, don't make me love you
Please, don't make me need you
You know very well I can't turn you away
I can feel the nightfall
I embrace your darkness
But must I give up all the beauties of day?

You have no conception
Of what lies I heard
Such delights blurring day and night

Don't torture me...

Glouriously undead!
Pure pleasure for infinity!
Why should we all be born to die?
I offer you my love, eternal love -
The love unchanging as the stars above
My blood will be your blood
My bed will be your bed
Together we will face the centuries ahead
And when the worlds gorw old
Our gold will still be gold -
Surrender to me, Mina!

My eyes are closing helplessly
I feel I'm losing all control!

You have that far-away look in your eyes -
A look that nothing spoken can disguise
It tells me that you feel the things you want to feel
Your body wants me now -
Some things you can't conseal
We'll live our lives and then
We'll live them once again
There's always a tomorrow
There's always a tomorrow!
There's always one more night!

How can we turn back when we have come so far?
Any sacrifice is worth it to be where you are!
You had me in your thrall
I/you had to fall
But who could ever resist?

We're melting away in...
And we'll always stay in...
Together we'll stay in...
The Mist!

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Mina's seduction Lyrics to Dracula the musical

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