Pretty, Pretty Girl Lyrics

2021 Broadway
DIANA the Musical - Pretty, Pretty Girl Lyrics

Performed by Jeanna de Waal (Diana), Holly Ann Butler (Sarah), Erin Davie (Camilla), Roe Hartrampf (Prince Charles), Judy Kaye (Queen Elizabeth) and other Cast.

I know what they both want
For me to fade away
Obey each new command
Do as they say

Pose for a photograph
Smile for the press
Simply be a pretty girl
In another pretty dress

Too many smiles, too many yeses
Too many dreams which Charles depresses
He was the one who they'd devour
But I won their love
And doesn't love give you power?

A pretty, pretty girl
Wears a pretty, pretty dress
The press has always used her
So now she'll use the press

This pretty, pretty girl
Was raised to strike a pose
Perhaps she should fight
The only way she knows

DIANA: (spoken)

PAUL: (spoken)
Yes. Is something wrong?

DIANA: (spoken)
Very much so. Have you looked at my closets lately?
It's as if the queen's selected my entire wardrobe

Too many bows! Too many ruffles!
Too many frilly, frumpy, fruffles!
A girl can look rather skittish
When her designers are boring and British

This pretty, pretty girl
Dresses quite demure
It's time she found her fashion
And her fashion is couture

CAMILLA: (spoken)
A pretty girl. Look at these pictures,
they fawn over her because of her gowns
and her shoes and her hairdos

Hardly takes a genius
To make the front page
It just takes someone pretty
Think when Twiggy was the rage

But you were born with brilliance
You drip with intellect
She may have won their love
But you won their respect

Too much noise, too much distraction
How on earth did she gain such traction?

Take a stand, go out and lecture on painting or politics

Charles: (spoken)
Modern buildings really are quite ghastly, you know

CAMILLA: (spoken)
No, you're the one who knows.
So you must push back, darling

A handsome, handsome prince
With a worthy, worthy cause
Can captivate a nation
And turn around its laws

A lucky, lucky man
With his woman by his side
Can satisfy his subjects
And supersede his bride

My handsome prince

CHARLES: (spoken)
I'm here tonight to speak to you about the necessity
and glory of older buildings.
While we may prize the new,
We must cherish the established.
It would be a tragedy...

A pretty, pretty girl
Grows more famous than before
When she decides to wear
The latest from Dior

A pretty, pretty girl
In a pretty, pretty frock
Can set the world awhirl
And send the prince a shock

CHARLES: (spoken)
I have begged and pleaded with her
but she refuses to listen to a word I say.
And now, all of Diana's showboating is making matters worse!

She doesn't need to make matters worse
You've done a fine job on your own

CHARLES: (spoken)
It's her doing

Don't blame her, Charles
Tame her, Charles
She's embarrassing the throne

A pretty, pretty girl
To a round of great applause
Can use the press at will
To illuminate a cause

The stories girls
Are taught to believe
Are not the stories
That a girl should believe

A pretty, pretty girl
With a charitable heart
Can turn a photo op
Into a work of art

A pretty, pretty girl
In a pretty, pretty dress
A pretty, pretty girl
In a pretty, pretty dress

The stories girls
Are taught to believe
Are not the stories
That a girl should believe

She'll take on the monarchy

She'll take on the monarchy
And cause a royal mess

A pretty, pretty girl

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty girl

In a dress

[Thanks to Harman for lyrics]

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