As I Love You Lyrics

2021 Broadway
DIANA the Musical - As I Love You Lyrics

Performed by Jeanna de Waal (Diana).

Another night, another brawl
How do you not understand me at all?
Don't you ever tire
Of this mess?

CHARLES: (spoken)

All of the harm we do to our boys
Living inside this castle of noise
Can they survive
Our royal horror show?

CHARLES: (spoken)
I don't know

Maybe for them
We could start once again

Te amo
Te quiero
I'll say it every way I know
It's always been true

CHARLES: (spoken)
You are worshiped by the world, Diana.
Isn't that enough?

Once we seemed like destiny
Why can't you love me?
As I love you

He went abroad but promised his heart
Was hе a fraud right from the start?
How come I seemed to bе
The last to know?

Wasn't I the most beautiful bride?
A glittering jewel, right by his side
Serves me right for marrying a Scorpio

Well, fantasies die
Who knew princes lie?

Te amo
Te quiero
I'll say it every way I know
It's the best I can do

Je t'aime
We could end so happily
If you would love me
As I love
As I love
Why do I still love you?

[Thanks to Harman for lyrics]

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Diana the Musical As I Love You Lyrics

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