Death Note - Honor Bound Lyrics

2015 Tokyo
Death Note The Musical - Honor Bound Lyrics

Any grounds for L's suspicion surely lie with me
I must catch this monster Kira so the world can see
My son is exactly who he seems to be
Honor bound and bound by honesty

Accusations, innuendos, theories full of cracks
Timelines and coincidences can't replace hard facts
But if what I'm seeing, bends as light reflects
Am I blinded to what my son lacks?

If I thought these lies were true
Would I have the strength to do
Anything I need to do
For justice's sake?

Could I stand the pain and lies
If it's Kira that I find
Behind Light's eyes?

Listen to me, am I crazy?
Thinking he could be
Some insane, unfeeling monster somehow raised by me

Must come to my senses and my sanity
Let me see the son I need to see
Honor bound and bound by honesty
Honor bound to serve his family

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Death Note Musical Honor Bound Lyrics

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