Death Note - Kira Lyrics

2015 Tokyo
Death Note The Musical - Kira Lyrics

Where I come from is a world of bone and dust
No need to change, or readjust;
Where the plight of human beings is ignored
And all I am, is always bored;

So from time to time I visit
Seeking fun and self defense;
Its no big deal, really, is it?
And of no consequence;

Except for Kira, Kira
Your brand new name;
The masses cheering, Kira
Don’t know it's Light Yagami,
Playing his dangerous game;

Shinigami sit and gamble all day long
It isn't right, it isn't wrong
For there really isn't very much to do
So now and then, we spy on you;

Humans are such funny creatures
Always thinking you're so smart;
So we look down from our bleachers
While you tear things apart;

Except for Kira, Kira
Your brand new name;
The masses cheering, Kira
Don’t know he’s Light Yagami,
Playing his dangerous game;

The more things change they say that
The more they stay the same;
You think you’re making changes
But the only thing you can change is your name;

Because its Kira, Kira
Whose justice is rigged;
Because its Kira, Kira
Who makes a list of people
Whose names he’ll write down and—
Oh look, now there's an apple
Mind if I just take a bite?

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Death Note Musical Kira Lyrics

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