Darling - The View from Here Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
DARLING the Musical - The View from Here Lyrics

Boston at sunset
Fog rushing in
From the harbor
Weather that frames my world
From port to pier
The view from here

Students in streetcars
Meet girls at the shore
Or the shipyard
And as they embrace
The look on each face
Extends ear to ear
Oh, what a view from here!

But the fog's covering the ground
Those girls of Boston get lost in
There’s none can be found
The haze so deep
I could leap and who knows where I'd fall
Onto the street
Onto my feet
Into somebody's arms

Ursula Morgan
Here at the sill
Now as evermore
Turning sixteen
Is sweet so I’ve seen
Well maybe next year
The view will clear

And someone will hold me
And give me a kiss
Like the kind I see
And I'll be prepared
And not a bit scared
Of someone sincere
Who wishes me near
Someone who'll take me out
Of view from here

If I could fly
God I'd fly so far

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Darling The View from Here Lyrics

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