Ernest Shackleton Loves Me - Money and Musicians Lyrics

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Ernest Shackleton Loves Me the Musical - Money and Musicians Lyrics

Oh never give your money to no musician
They'll blow it all on guitar strings and bread
If you want a sound investment,
Then your money will be best spent
On a slot machine or roulette wheel instead

Oh, I've got one!

Don’t you give your money to no explorer
Adventure fills the heart but not the purse
Oh he'll tell you there'll be riches
And the polar ice bewitches
But you'll lose your shirt and all your cash, or worse

Oh they'll say anything to change yer mind
They'll tell you how they're in a bind
And how they're on the verge of somethin' great

And then they'll promise you the moon
The rent comes due, they change their tune
And then you realize it's much too late...

Oh never give your money to no musician

Or explorer!

Don't give us dollars shekels pesos pounds or yen

'Cause despite our best intentions
You'll need legal interventions
If you ever want that money back again

Because you know we ain't like other folks
We push and pull and pry and coax
The beauty from the boring and mundane
We don't know from financial things
We live like paupers, dream like kings
And everybody thinks that we're insane

Better brillianter and broker
Than well off and mediocre
We’ll be better off without it anyway
Better dirt poor and inspired
Than all rich and fat and tired
Down and out musicians and explorers,
That's how we're gonna stay!!!

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Money and Musicians lyrics from Ernest Shackleton Loves Me

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