Finding Neverland - Live by the Hook Lyrics

Broadway musical 2015
Finding Neverland the Musical - Live by the Hook Lyrics

Feels like there's nothing left
Am I on my own
And the road ahead I can't walk alone
They're all leaving me
Don't believe me
I've been  foolish, reckless and blind
I should turn back while there's still time

Oh boo hoo!
No one wants to play with me
My wife has left me
Oh woe is me
Woe is me
You want to suck your thumb at me?
Or do you want to go on an adventure?
Who are you?

I am your darkest side the one you keep in shadows too far to hide
Deep in your heart you can't deny
All of your fears keeping me alive
Waiting here for you to arrive
Don't choose to live by the book
Let's live by the hook

Captain James Hook at your service
Playwright James Barry
I know
But I don't understand where you came from?
I came from you James. A part of you.
A part you don't like to talk about at tea parties
with little cakes and cucumber sandwiches
Who me?
Yes! And ever so slightly more handsome

No need to be afraid
Every little shackle deserves it's praise
Time to unshackle all your chains
Don't be so cowardly I'll change
Somebody fooled the greater game
They choose to live by the book, we live by the hook

You made me
Your play needs me
Children like to be scared
They just don't know it yet
Unleash me!
I don't know how!

You have to use you pen for something other than satisfying them
Let us embark on this journey
Be sure to write a part for me
I'll be the wind beneath you sails
I will fight tooth and nail

You have to look in your heart in your soul
You must find a hook in your heart in your soul
ANd search every nook in your heart in your soul
Don't live by the book in your heart in your soul
We live by the hook!

[Thanks to Owen for lyrics]
[Thanks to Maddie for corrections]

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Live by the Hook Lyrics Finding Neverland musical

Finding Neverland the Musical Lyrics

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