Follies the Musical - Broadway Baby Lyrics

2019 London revival
Follies the Musical - Broadway Baby Lyrics

"Broadway Baby" was written by Stephen Sondheim,
performed by Claire Moore (Hattie).

I'm just a
Broadway Baby.
Walking off my tired feet.
Pounding Forty-Second Street
To be in a show.
Broadway Baby,
Learning how to sing and dance,
Waiting for that one big chance
To be in a show.Oh...Gee.'
I'd like to be
On some marquee,
All twinkling lights,
A spark
To pierce the dark
From Battery Park
To Washington Heights.
Someday, maybe,
All my dreams will be repaid.
Heck, I'd even play the maid
To bc in a show.
Hey, Mr. Producer,
I'm talking to you, sir;
I don't need a lot,
Only what I got,
Plus a tube of greasepaint
And a follow-spot!
I'm a Broadway Baby,
Slaving at the five-and-ten,
Dreaming of the great day whcn
I'll be in a show.Oh...
Broadway Baby,
Making rounds all afternoon,
Eating at a greasy spoon
To have on my dough.
Oh...AtMy tiny flat
There's just my cat.
A bed and o chair
I'll stick it till
I'm on a bill
All over Times Square.
Someday, maybe,
If I stick it long enough,
I may get to strut my stuff
Working for a nice man
Like a Ziegfeld or a Weismann
In a great big
Broadway show!

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Broadway Baby Lyrics from Follies the Musical

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