Flying Over Sunset - How? Lyrics

2021 Broadway
Flying Over Sunset the Musical - How? Lyrics

The song is written by Tom Kitt and Michael Korie. Performed by Carmen Cusack (Clare).

How do you keep on going on your own?
How do you lose your flesh and blood and carry on alone?
I thought we’d meet in heaven
Is heaven even there?
Or is it only stars and empty air?
There must be something more - something more
Isn’t there?
Isn’t there?
Isn’t there?

How do get through life bereft of faith?
After you’ve prayed the seventh day
Who listens on the eighth?
Does prayer dissolve in ether
And vanish in the void?
How do you bear your burdens with belief itself destroyed
How? How?
Tell me how
How to reclaim the person you once were
What’s the point of all the fame and power?
Why do I feel unsatisfied with all that I’ve accomplished?
So empty inside

Unfinished, goddammit,
I took a magic drug
To show me how to grow 150 micrograms
Enough, not enough, not nearly enough NOOOOO

How do you save a marriage without love?
Physical love, the human touch,
I get so little of
I was so blind, self-centered
For somebody so smart
Succeeding without hearing my own heart
I pushed their love aside
Til they died
I live on
All alone
And what now?
Tell me how?

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Flying Over Sunset Lyrics How?

Flying Over Sunset the Musical Lyrics

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