A Gentleman's Guide - Poor Monty Lyrics

Broadway production (2013)
A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder the Musical - Poor Monty Lyrics

Monty, it's so strange
Everything will change
Think how our lives will be
I don't know what you'll do without me

Poor Monty
You're awfully handsome and smart
Poor Monty
You'll rise above
You'll put the loss of Sibella behind
And you will find
Someone better to love

Poor Monty
Have I just broken your heart?
Poor Monty
Am I to blame?
It may look bleak
But in a week
I'll wager you'll have forgotten
My name

I think I can picture her now
Young and willing
Oh, it's thrilling
In a way, you'll have me to thank
She'll be perfect
A shopgirl, a teacher
The sister of a preacher
Or a widow with cash in the bank

Poor Monty
Cozy in a cottage for two
Oh, Monty
Soon there'll be three
Nothing will stop
Your ascent o'er the top
You'll own your own shop
Monty, I guarantee
And I'll rue the day
I turned you away
And I will say
To myself
Poor me

I can picture us now
Very grand
In demand
Always somewhere exciting to go
All of Mayfair will imitate us,
Love us and hate us
For being the people people want to know

My husband
Will grow distinguished and gray
My husband
Will always be
Straight as a line
Steady and fine
Totally mine
Dry as a bone
An insufferable drone
Dull as a stone
Poor me

[Thanks to Jemima & Nattybos for lyrics]

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Poor Monty Lyrics A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

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