My Home Sweet Home Lyrics

2016 world premiere
Goosebumps The Musical - My Home Sweet Home Lyrics

The song is written by Danny Abosch and John Maclay.

All I ever wanted was a quiet place,
Where I could be alone in my own little space.
But then I lost my job, couldn’t pay my rent.
I lost my home and had barely a cent.

I was out on the street.
Had nothing to eat.
Thought I’d come and live here ‘til I got back on my feet,
Keep to myself, and stay
Out of everybody’s way.
But then one day,
You kids ruined it all with your play.

Now, just look what you’ve done!
This place isn’t much, but it was the one
Thing left that I could call my own.
Why couldn’t you leave it alone?

Nothing to see here, just a dirty old cot.
But it’s my home,
My home sweet home,
And it’s all that i got.

Now, what am I gonna do with you?
Can’t have you tellin’ people I’m down here.  

ZEKE: (spoken)
We won’t tell a soul.

EMILE: (spoken)
No. I don’t imagine you will.

(EMILE takes a step toward the trio.)


BROOKE: (spoken)

(The trio runs away.)

EMILE: (spoken)
Wait! Wait! I didn’t mean… I—

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

(They keep running, twisting and turning through
the subbasement’s labyrinth of tunnels.)

EMILE: (spoken)
Come back! Come back, please!
I just want to speak to you—

BROOKE: (spoken)
Go faster!

(BRIAN falls behind and stumbles.
BROOKE freezes in horror.)


BRIAN: (spoken)

BROOKE: (spoken)

(ZEKE is unsure whether to keep running or turn back.)

Zeke, go!

(ZEKE continues running toward the elevator
while BROOKE runs back to help BRIAN.
ZEKE reaches the platform,
followed by BROOKE who helps BRIAN along.
ZEKE tries to pull the lever. It won’t budge.)

No! Come on, come on!

(BROOKE fears that EMILE is catching up.
The lever still won’t budge.)

Hurry up!

(Finally, the lever gives.
The elevator ascends with a jolt. They scream.
The elevator reaches stage-level and comes to a stop.
They made it. Blackout.)

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Goosebumps My Home Sweet Home Lyrics

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