Hands on a Hardbody - If She Don't Sleep Lyrics

Broadway musical (2013)
Hands on a Hardbody - If She Don't Sleep Lyrics

The song is written by Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green.

You tried to find a job that pays
Waiting around for better days
Life can get you down and that's a fact

But we always come up fighting, and life is plain excitin'
'Cause her and me, we got this little pact

If she don't sleep then I don't sleep

If he don't eat, then I don't eat

And life is sweet with six kids almost grown

It's true we may not have a lot

If I got squat, then she got squat

But we don't have to go through it alone

If you write her off then you'll regret it
You don't see the woman that I see
She's stronger than most people give her credit
Plus she's got her secret weapon, me

I told her
"Janis, you gotta get used to the long hours in the heat
You been sitting under the air conditioners
And she's spoiled on account
I got a twenty-tonne unit on my house
Most people's only got three tonnes at the most, but me?
I got a twenty

Twenty tonnes of air
The biggest thing you've ever seen

It used to cool a K-Mart that went bust in Abilene

It brings our house to twelve below and you can see your breath

Yeah, we found out pretty quickly
It would freeze the pen to death

I couldn't pass the unit up
It was too good a buy
But unless she got used to this heat
I knew Janis would die

He knew that I would die

At times, she stepped upside
She'd turn red as a turnip
I had to turn the heating off
So she wouldn't burn up

If she ain't cool

If he ain't cool

Then I ain't cool

Then I ain't cool

You'd be a fool to do this on your own

If she don't cry
Then I don't cry
I'll admit she's happy
So, am I
And she don't have to go through it alone

We don't have to go through it alone

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