Honeymoon In Vegas - I've Been Thinking Lyrics

Broadway production (2014)
Honeymoon In Vegas the Musical - I've Been Thinking Lyrics

"I've Been Thinking" is a song from Honeymoon In Vegas the musical performed by Brynn O’Malley (Betsy).

[Betsy Nolan]
I've been thinking
Really thinking
See, okay, I know that this was my idea, but-

[Tommy Korman] - SPOKEN
You're right, this has to be done correctly.
Betsy, if you would honor me-

[Betsy Nolan] - SPOKEN
Ooh, you're not hearing me!

[Betsy Nolan]
I've been thinking
This is crazy
Not, like, crazy good
But really crazy
And given who you are
And what I'm going through
The thing is we both know
People make mistakes
People get things wrong
People sometimes have insane reactions
Even so
I'm just not quite sure
This is not your fault
But I just need some time

[Tommy Korman] - SPOKEN
That is a perfectly normal reaction, sweetheart.
But you know what I think?
You're all these years with a guy who can't say yes;
Yes starts seem to like a foreign word.

[Betsy Nolan]
No! I've been thinking
This is reckless
Like you said there's no real point in rushing
And this is premature

[Tommy Korman] - SPOKEN
Every bride feels like this.

[Betsy Nolan]
No, this is out of hand
Ok, look here we go:
People make mistakes
Jack was out of line
But people sometimes need to hit rock bottom
So they grow
And Jack is really great
And listen, so are you
but I just need some time.

[Tommy Korman] - SPOKEN
No more talking, we're getting married.

[Thanks to Joey for lyrics]

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I've Been Thinking Honeymoon In Vegas Lyrics Brynn O’Malley

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