Beyond the Door Lyrics - The In-Between

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The In-Between - Beyond the Door Lyrics

"Beyond the Door" is a song from The In-Between the musical performed by Hadley Fraser.

All of my life everything's worked like clockwork
In this place where time declines to flow
Never changing and always remaining
I've never questioned the way it should go

Then she comes here
Bringing nothing but questions
And I find all I can think of is her
And what lies beyond the door
Something calls me to know more
How this yearning inside grows
For the door I always close

What can there be besides what I know here?
There is no point to this untempered thought
Why search for truth when I may regret it?
I'll cast doubts aside and I'll do what I ought

Oh how I wish
I could return to the bliss that is ignorance
Why must there be uncertainty now?
Asking just what lies beyond the door
Nothing's certain anymore
And though I must never know
As a chance the questions grow

Now I know why they warn us
Never take too long
For unwanted curiosity will catch on
And go on

Will I see beyond the door
Just one way to know for sure
I know doubts will leave me be
In the moment that I see
If I look through
Look beyond the door

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Beyond the Door Lyrics Hadley Fraser In-Between Musical

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