It Shoulda Been You - Whatever Lyrics

Broadway production 2015
It Shoulda Been You the Musical - Whatever Lyrics

"Whatever" is a song from the musical It Shoulda Been You performed by Josh Grisetti (Marty).

If whatever means that wasn't accidental,
If whatever means you wanna hold my hand,
If whatever means you need me to be gentle,
Then I'll take whatever, whenever.

If whatever means you'll go for my advances,
If whatever means that kiss just turned you on,
If whatever means we both get second chances,
Then I'll take whatever, whenever.

You don't have to know that I have always felt this way,
You don't need to know that I've been hoping that you'd say,

If whatever means there'll be no more pretending,
If whatever means you feel the same way too,
If whatever means we get a happy ending,
Then ill take whatever whenever with you.

[Thanks to Emily Parker for lyrics]

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Josh Grisetti Whatever Lyrics It Shoulda Been You

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