Into the Woods - A Very Nice Prince (Reprise) Lyrics

Into the Woods the Musical - A Very Nice Prince (Reprise) Lyrics

BAKER'S WIFE (spoken)
Was the ball just as wonderful as last evening?

Oh, it's still a nice ball.

BAKER'S WIFE (spoken)
Yes...? And...?


They have far too much food

BAKER'S WIFE (spoken)
No, the Prince...

Oh, the Prince...

BAKER'S WIFE (spoken)
Yes, the Prince!

If he knew who I really was

BAKER'S WIFE (spoken)
Oh? Who?

I'm afraid I was rude

BAKER'S WIFE (spoken)
Oh? How?

Now I'm being pursued

BAKER'S WIFE (spoken)
Yes? And...?

And I'm not in the mood

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A Very Nice Prince (Reprise) Lyrics from Into the Woods the musical

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