I Love You Because - But I Do Lyrics

2006 Off-Broadway
I Love You Because the Musical - But I Do Lyrics

The song is written by Joshua Salzman and Ryan Cunningham.

He hurt me hard
He won’t commit
He doesn’t believe in love, not even a little bit
I’m questioning the things I thought I knew to be true
I don’t know why I love him,
But I do
I wanted him
Cause he was wrong
I’m not certain how, but with him now
Is where I belong
He's an idiot
And a stuffed shirt
And a Republican too
I don’t know why I love him,
but I do
She’s like every woman I ever met, who says casual’s ok
But they don’t mean what they say
There’s nothing special about her
What does she look like? I forget.
I’m certain I’m better off without her
I don’t need her anyway.
Marcy and (Austin):
I wanted him (Found my love from before)
Cause he was wrong (Then she knocks on my door)
I’m not certain how (with a pout), but with him now (and teary eyes),
is where I belong (that work on weaker men)
I tried to keep my feelings from bubbling up again
I don’t know why I love him
I don’t need her anyway
But I do
Marcy and Diana (Austin and Jeff):
Why as soon as you’re comfortable (as soon as you know where you stand)
You know who you are, you’ve figured it out
(you’ve got the whole world in the palm of your hand)
You’re sure of your ways
You feel solid and strong
Then someone comes in and shows you that you’re wrong
Marcy and Diana:
Why can’t I explain? (Austin: She’s only a woman)
This aching pain? (Jeff: there will be other women)
I’m barley surviving why is she/he driving me insane? (Jeff: I don’t need that woman)
All I know says I should leave her/him and go find someone new…
Marcy and Diana (Austin and Jeff):
I don’t know why I love him (I don’t need her anyway)
But I do…
But I do…
But I do…

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I Love You Because the Musical Lyrics

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