Jasper in Deadland - Lifesong Lyrics

A thrilling musical from Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster
Jasper in Deadland The Musical - Lifesong Lyrics

[Persephone] You will be burned
But you will see the sun
You will bear blisters
On your feet as you run
Before you are done
Let there be life
Oh, let there be life
And a song for me

Let me feel the touch
And swear you won't resist
You will be cheated
But you will be kissed
Let nothing be missed
I say you'll exist
And let there be life
And a song for me

There will be no more confusing yourself
No refusing yourself
No more delays
There’s only the call to respond to
Task to get on to
The work of your days

So let it begin
And one day, let it end
Let it fall to pieces
And what’s meant to will mend
With life to lend
And days to spend

Jasper was your best friend.
Agnes, it's your chance for life
Let there be life
Let there be life
Let there be life
Take back your life
And you can make a song

[Thanks to Ryan Cutler for corrections]

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Ryan Scott Oliver Lifesong lyrics from Jasper in Deadland the musical

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