Jasper in Deadland - Elysium Lyrics

A thrilling musical from Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster
Jasper in Deadland The Musical - Elysium Lyrics

[AGNES] Elysium.

[JASPER] The final circle. Our ticket home.

[AGNES] It's so peaceful. What if we stayed here? What's back up there?
Nothing. We could have a life down here.

[JASPER] But is this a life?

[AGNES] I've got nothing left
But a soul and a bag
I'm living dead
My coil's sprung
And my bucket's kicking
There's nothing to do
When your time's finished ticking

Here I felt more free than I ever did
Tell me why I should go back

Why should I go back?
Families should connect
They should share respect
But it all falls through the crack

[JASPER] No, it's not wrong
And you're not alone
And it's not life as you planned

Not life as you planned
And they say pretend
Trust the pain will mend
That you'll grow and understand

[AGNES] I was so alone

[JASPER] Agnes

[BOTH] We'll have nothing left
But a soul and bag
Together living dead
Our coil's sprung
And the bucket kicking
At last I'll have you
When my time's finished ticking

[JASPER] Agnes? Agnes?
[AGNES] Do you like the music?
[JASPER] It's haunting. Eurydice?
[AGNES] There is a song Jasper, you must hear it.
[JASPER] I can't. All the awful people, I'm through with it.
There's nothing left up there for us.
[AGNES] That's not true.

[Thanks to Kendall for lyrics]
[Thanks to Ryan Cutler for corrections]

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