Jasper in Deadland - Awful People Lyrics

A thrilling musical from Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster
Jasper in Deadland The Musical - Awful People Lyrics

Mr. Lethe [spoken]:
Jaspattack! Has anyone ever asked you the question, "What is life?"

Life is awful people.

Mr. Lethe:
What is life?
These days the kiddies,
This cesspool of youth,
They sucked the titties,
Of us who've long known the truth,
The brats feed on BS,
Well, as long as it's hot
They're hateful monsters at best, coming from me,
That's saying a lot

They are tomorrow
They're what Heaven's allowed
They rule tomorrow
And I couldn't be more proud

Awful people
They aren't flesh and bone
Awful people
Are chemically grown
Awful people
And each one's a clone
And it's swell
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Awful people are pavin', pavin' the road to hell

I see the chidluns
up and diddlin' outside
They chew up riddlin'
Fiddlin' fit to the tide
Parents use them and screw them
Countries left each one scarred
But do they overcome it?
No, facebook!

Female Voice [spoken]:
Life's really hard.

Mr. Lethe:
But see, Jasper
That's where my water comes in.
Water from the river Lethe makes you forget
And see, Jasper, with you,
I have someone who can travel between the living world
And Deadland whenever they wish!
So I want you to be my rep up there, get my water into the stores.
"Drink the water, forget your life!"

Mr Lethe [sung]:
Bring on tomorrow
They're the batters on deck
Ha! Ha!
Gotta love tomorrow
Oh oh oh
makes me-
just one sec-
Ha ha ha

Awful people
Ascend to the throne
Awful people
They can't be alone
Awful People
Spawn some of their own
Then they dwell
Yea! Yeah! Yeah!

That is life!
And Jasper, now you know
So much life
We can't let it go

If you help me,
I'll let your little friend return to the living world.

And if I don't?

Mr. Lethe:
well, my current plan is to torture and torment her until she's pulp

Awful, ain't it,
but it's carved in stone
Awful creatures
Will rule your zone
Awfully awful
As I think Ive shown
For you see

Your awful parents
These awful friends
Your awful life
you see
it all could end
if you agree
To help those awful people
with the most awful son of a biotch
That's me!

Do we have a deal?

[Thanks to Kay May for lyrics]
[Thanks to Maj for corrections]

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