Jasper in Deadland - Memory: Something for Real Lyrics

A thrilling musical from Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster
Jasper in Deadland The Musical - Memory: Something for Real Lyrics

There are things you don't know about me, Jasper.

You see this hoodie, it mumbles, "Ain't I sweet?"
This hair dyed mellow yellow swears I'm complete
A goodie-goodie with no trace of despair
Combed and tucked, primped and plucked
But a hand is covering my mouth, screaming, let this armour be steel
I just wanna say something for real

[JASPER] She takes communion, while he takes one more line
She prays to Jesus, freeze us, smiles, all is fine
He lets their union shatter, she turns her cheek
I go on, going gone
But my hand grips, clenched to a fist
Pounding, can't they see how I feel?
I just wanna do something for real

[AGNES] Let's change things. From this moment on, we will do it right.
You and me, together. It has to start somewhere why not tonight?

And we won't dare look back.

[BOTH] And we won't dare look back.

Let's lose our cover, let's face this in the flesh
I'm tired of hiding, striding, close to the line
We might discover how a soul refresh

[JASPER] No more living so dead

[AGNES] No more dead, but alive

[BOTH] Grab my hand, friend, pull me in tight
Touching, now we're ready to do

[AGNES] With what we could make

[BOTH] Something for real

[JASPER] Let's be the first

[BOTH] Something for real. Jasper and Agnes, something for real.

[Thanks to Abram for lyrics]
[Thanks to Ryan Cutler for corrections]

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