Jasper in Deadland - The Forgetting Lyrics

A thrilling musical from Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster
Jasper in Deadland The Musical - The Forgetting Lyrics

[JASPER] Why am I having a hard time...
[GRETCHEN] Remembering? It's starting. The Forgetting. It happens in phases.

It’s a process.
First, you die
As you fall from life to death
You fall into the lethe
Board the ferry
Pay your fare
And you think, “I had a thought…”
But you forgot
Just forgot

The first stage is the headaches

So it starts
Small details begin to blur,
'Till the person that you were
Seems so distant
Was that you?
As each memory erases
The photos of familiar faces
Smudge and blot
But you won’t care a lot
You’ll forget you forgot

The second stage you start to forget others. Your friends, your parents.
The third stage you start speaking in Portuguese.
[JASPER] Portuguese?
[GRETCHEN] No one knows why.

Now, it isn’t uncommon to
Try to stop it
To fight for your life
Never to lose sight of your life
It’s tragically normal to
Jot it down
To write all your life,
Gripping tight to your life

You make notes in a book
So to fight the forgetting
You might keep the best things
And omit what’s upsetting
But as days pass you look in your book just to find
That the book that you took serves one purpose
To remind you of all of the people you’ll never see again,
For even when they come
They’ll end up just as dumb and then

The last stage: you forget yourself. And suddenly you feel OK.

At last it stops
And you toss the book for trash
Or you torch the book to ash
Just like they did
Just like me
And you’ll learn like other folk
That life is just a joke
A trick of glass and smoke
A dream from which you’ve woke

[Thanks to Abram for lyrics]
[Thanks to Ryan Cutler for corrections]

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