Leap of Faith - Long Past Dreamin Lyrics

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Leap of Faith - Long Past Dreamin Lyrics

When I was just a kid
More than a bit naive
I knew dreams could come true,
Especially if you believe.

Wished on a million stars,
Prayed 'till my knees were red.
And I'd ache, lying awake in my bed.

But now I'm long past dreamin', lost past burnin',
Long past learnin' things can't be just right.
Cos all that wishin', comes to nothin,'
when you waken to the dawn's cold light.

Lowered my hopes a notch,
Wasn't too hard to do.
Life, love, big dreams and small,
Somehow they all fell through.

Wished upon one last star
Shimmering way up high
But that, too was just a beautiful lie.

And now I'm long past dreamin', long past tryin'
Long past sighin' when the stars shine bright.
Cos hopes get stolen, hearts get broken
dreams get taken from you overnight.

And you with all the pretty things you like to say
we both know come mornin', they're just gonna melt away.

You see I'm long past dreamin',
Long past hurtin',
Long past certain that I know the score at all.
So all I'm askin' is a reason,
One good reason I should dream once more.

Show me somethin' that's worth dreamin' for.

[Thanks to Brett Casey for lyrics]

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Leap of Faith Lyrics Long Past Dreamin Lyrics

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