Leap of Faith - I Can Read You (Reprise) Lyrics

The Broadway Musical
Leap of Faith - I Can Read You (Reprise) Lyrics

Sam: When we put that kid on stage tomorrow-

Jonas: He's not going on stage

Sam: Are you kidding me!?

Jonas: His mother is the sheriff!

Sam: Oh! (laughs) That was fast!

Jonas: What?

Sam: Yeah, I suppose I should have guessed

Jonas: Sam...

No, I'll admit it! I'm impressed
Hey! Did you get to use her handcuffs?
Come on, tell me.
Well, it's not like you not to collect on a bet.

Jonas: It's not at all like that, okay?
Not your business either way.

Sam: Oh, please! As if I buy whatever cr*p your trying to sell me

Jonas: You hear yourself?
Could you sound more jealous?

Sam: Hey! I'm not jealous! I'm angry
Since when do you let a piece of strage ruin our show?

Jonas: Sam, just let it go!

I can read you like an open book
There ain't no way to hide a single line
You know it!
I can read you like an open book

Sam: As for the kid

Jonas: Yeah, what about him?

Sam: He could be useful

Jonas: Sure, who'd doubt him?

Sam: So?

Jonas: Trust me
We'll take this town without him

Sam: Jonas!

Jonas: Trust me

Sam: You start caring about too many people,
our whole thing goes straight to hell.

[Thanks to Alex Harper for corrections]

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