The Light Princess - Tears Lyrics

2013 West End
The Light Princess Musical - Tears Lyrics

Performed by Rosalie Craig. Lyrics by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson.

... stay with me, darling, stay with me...
You look so fragile...
Yes, you did this...
Just stay with me,
Look into my eyes, my love.
You could never do me harm,
God, I know that now,
Because you love with everything you are,
You give with all you have to give,
But my love for you
Has come much too late...
I could weep
My whole life long,
Future years
With you now gone –
I’ll cry until we both are
Under water for ever...
See my tears flow?
This H2O
Is filled with regret –
Without your love
These tears don’t even begin to express
This emptiness.

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Tears lyrics from The Light Princess Musical