Drought Lyrics

2013 West End
The Light Princess Musical - Drought Lyrics

Song was written by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson.

Mr Flowers:    
So this Lake –
Very queer –
Sort of acts
Like a weir –

Mr Crabbe:    
Do you knowWho deduced it?
The Princess, I swear.

Mr Flowers:    
From the East
It is fed –

Mr Crabbe:    
From the West
It is bled!

Mr Flowers:    
She was right:

Mr Crabbe:    
All our water
Flows westwardsfrom there!

If Sealand’s aware –

But they wouldn’t dare!  

Mr Flowers:    
Yes they would!  
& Mr Crabbe

Holy hell!
Every tap!
Every well!
Every stream,
Every river:
Is suddenly bare!
Every creek! Every loch!
It’s the foe
Run amok!
And she warned
Of the danger –
That girl in the air.

Mr Flowers & Mr Crabbe:
We are on the brink.

Every  tide
In retreat!
Every trough!
Oh, the heat!
Every tank!
Every fountain!

Lagobellan  1:
There’s water!

Where, where? 

Mr Flowers & Mr Crabbe:
Help us, we must drink.

There is no
Water flow!
We are doomed!
Oh, the woe!
And she warned
This could happen,
She said to beware!
There’s some kind of dam!
Is this genocide? 

Mr Flowers & Mr Crabbe:
We will die of thirst.
Lagobel is cursed.

We’re dying of thirst.
This country is cursed.
The sweltering sun.
A scorching abyss.
What will the King do?
This is genocide.

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