The Gauntlet Lyrics

2013 West End
The Light Princess Musical - The Gauntlet Lyrics

Song was written by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson.

King Darius:
I am not bowed by the crowd’s dissent:
It is you who are challenged!
One of you must know of a remedy,
Where’s the man who can
Cure her of light?
He’ll marry her.
Get water too:
Half my stores –
You heard me right.

Free H2O – did we hear right?

King Darius:
The peril is near
Because she’s afloat.

Because she is light
That thug’s at our throat

King Darius & Lagobellans:
She burns us with shame   
Because she’s afloat.

Perhaps it is time
That we had the vote.

King Darius:
There is my gauntlet.
Bow, I am King!

What man would marry that...
Hearltless floating spawn of the devil?

Sealand bombarded our army with bullets
But Darius wants us to dress the Princess.
Her – a princess? What a charade:
Royalty’s only about the façade.

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The Gauntlet lyrics from The Light Princess the Musical