Scandal Lyrics

2013 West End
The Light Princess Musical - Scandal Lyrics

Song was written by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson.

It was her,
She was there –
In the air –
Let me speak!
It’s a corker:
She’d captured the foe.
By her flaws
She had him
In her claws,
And I thought,
“What a hero,
We’ve misjudged her so.”
And then came the blow:
She snogged him!

God, no!
Oh, my god!
An affront!
She was there!
What a stunt!
Couldn’t fight!
Couldn’t save us,
The mis’ry, the woe!
And there’s one
Final cut:
She is light
And a slut!
With the Prince!
She’s a traitor!
He’s her Romeo!

What a stain –
Dirty deed –
Does it mean
Foreign seed?
What a blight!
How low can she go!
Has a fling
And it’s us
In the muck!
What a huss!
And the King?
What does he think?
We all want to know!

He was hers to slay!       

Lagobellan 1:
Had her dirty way!

Lagobellan 2:
Could have killed the foe!

I thought you should know!      
That’s what comes of light!

Our army is dead,
And it’s all her fault!
This will make you wince:
Jig-jig with the Prince!
He was in her claws!
And now we’re in his –
What will the King do?
Her mother would cry!

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