Zephyrus Call & Levity Lyrics

2013 West End
The Light Princess Musical - Zephyrus Call & Levity Lyrics

Song was written by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson.

Zephyrus I,
Zephyrus call,
Roar with the West Wind that bears your name;
My only friend
You are my all,
How could you leave?
Answer my call.
And is that a Lake? A hidden Lake?
Way off the beaten path; I’m pining for the sea,
Yet I know it’s beyond compare, look at it shimmer,
Is this the thing the Falconer meant, is this the glimmer?

Royal princess, follow the Queen,
High above this sinister scene ...

How can it be that you’re flying?
How does it feel to be floating?
So the physics:
If I drop this ribbon
You would keep ascending
Till you met your ending?
You’d be toast.
Seems to me
Floating’s not
Very versatile.
I don’t either:
You’re my mortal foe, but
Seeing you so useless
– what I mean is hopeless –
Makes me want ...
Makes me want –

Spit it out.

Makes me want to smile –
Levity? It can’t be –

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Zephyrus Call & Levity lyrics from The Light Princess the Musical