LIFT the Musical Songs Lyrics

A new British musical by Craig Adams & Ian Watson about Love, Life and Loss in a London LIFT. How the things we dare not say could change our lives and how those closest to us are often those we've never met.

LIFT is about people and connections. The connections we have without knowing about them, the connections we lose sight of and the connections we don’t mean to have.

Eight people get in a LIFT at Covent Garden tube station on an ordinary morning and what follows is an exploration into their thoughts.  Through seeing everything they think and revealing their innermost secrets, we realize that in some way they are all connected and if they reached out to one another they might change their lives forever.

The journey of the LIFT takes one minute (or thereabouts) but the journey of the show takes us through a minute within everyone’s imagination, allowing us to say and see things that might not be possible in real life. Will the characters do something about it today or will they choose to carry on being anonymous, walking off into the rush and lose themselves once more in the city …

LIFT the Musical Songs Lyrics

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