Musical by Ellen Schwartz and Laura I. Kramer
A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical - Finale Lyrics

Stand proud and strong
Come on and march along
Raise the rainbow banner we have spun...

BARBARA (spoken):
Harvey Milk was our hero, because he spoke out.
And Yusslwas your hero, because he kept silent.
And you, you knew when to keep silent and when to
speak out. That’s why you’re my hero.

FRANNIE (spoken):
Mine, too.

Like two peas in a pod

Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

FRANNIE (spoken):
Goodbye, Harry...

HARRY (spoken):
Frannie! I’ll call Gracie.

FRANNIE (spoken):
Tell her to light a candle!

BARBARA (spoken):
Harry, let’s celebrate a Jewish holiday.

HARRY (spoken):

BARBARA (spoken):
Because they tried to kill us, and they failed.

BOTH (spoken):
Let’s eat!

Eat a little something
Meet a little someone
Stop and smell the roses
Do a little dance...

HARRY (spoken)
Teacher, I can’t come to the class anymore.

BARBARA (spoken):
Why not?

HARRY (spoken):
Because it’s enough. But I want you should keep my notebook.
Not to brag, but the letter to Harvey,
may he rest in peace, is pretty good.
Maybe somebody else might like to read it.

BARBARA (spoken)
You mean?

HARRY (spoken)
Publish it.

BARBARA (spoken)
Really? Harry, your notebook is full. Every page!

HARRY (spoken)
Well, sometimes when I don’t sleep too good,
I get up and write.

BARBARA (spoken)
I said you were a writer, didn’t I?
Harry, zai gesunt.

HARRY (spoken)
Zai gesunt?

BARBARA (spoken)
I wanted to make sure you knew exactly what I meant,
and "be well" just doesn't cut it.

HARRY (spoken)
You still want to speak Yiddish...

BARBARA (spoken):
Yes! Because Yiddish is alive. The girl in the babushka’s alive,
Yussl’salive and Harvey Milk’salive! In us. And we’re not alone.

Because if people like you and people like me
Find each other...

HARRY (sings):
As did you and I
They’ll learn that people like me are people like you...

BOTH (sings):
All searching for a way to say good-bye...

HARRY (spoken):
My notebook, that’s the past, where you come from.
But this is where you’re going, this is the future.

BARBARA (spoken):
The future is jelly beans?

HARRY (spoken):
The future is a rainbow.

BARBARA (spoken):
And it’s sweet...

HARRY (sings):
Reach out with me...

And touch them
And let them know we’re there
We are there
In words as tough as nails and soft as silk
So let them come together in the reading of your/my
A letter

BARBARA (sings):
Your own letter...

HARRY (spoken):
And don’t give up on your parents.
One mother, one father, that’s all you got.
But if you were my tochter, I’d be proud of you.

To harvey milk!

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