A Letter To Harvey Milk Lyrics

Musical by Ellen Schwartz and Laura I. Kramer
A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical - A Letter To Harvey Milk Lyrics

BARBARA (spoken):
You asked me, “Who would want to read a letter
from Harry Weinberg to Harvey Milk?” And I said...

People like me, scared and alone
Listening for a voice that understands
People like me, cast out by their own
Nowhere to go, no helping hands
Imagine how they’ll feel if someone unlike them
Shares their need to mourn a cherished friend
And dares to say aloud, above a hostile crowd
“our fallen hero’s dream will never end”

(spoken) That’s what I wrote about last week—you and me, Harry.
And what I learned from you.

You don’t have to be a jew to love a bagel
Or gay to love a leader who was gay
Or young to greet the dawning of a brave new cause
Where courage is the order of the day
You could even be a butcher from long island
Whose rage is mixed with tears as soft as silk
And all of this embodied in a most amazing tribute
A letter to harvey milk

I read this letter when I was in danger
Of thinking love would never come again
A letter written by a total stranger
Whom i have learned to love so much since then.

You don’t need a p.H.D. To be a writer
Or law degree to plead
For equal rights
The most prestigious schools have graduated fools
Who never break the rules or scale the heights
All you needed was your own god-given talent
The roughest cloth is sometimes lined with silk
What honor you have given to this man for whom
You’ve written
A letter to harvey milk.

And so if people like you and people like me
Find each other as did you and I
They’ll learn that people like me are people like you
All searching for a way to say “good-bye”
Reach out with me and touch them
And let them know we’re there

In words as tough as nails and soft as silk
So let them come together in the reading of your
A letter...
Your own letter to harvey milk!

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A Letter To Harvey Milk lyrics from A Letter to Harvey Milk

A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical Lyrics

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