Honor Thy Daughter Lyrics

Musical by Ellen Schwartz and Laura I. Kramer
A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical - Honor Thy Daughter Lyrics

Am I hearing since I’m gone you don’t call gracie?
Did your brains just simply fall out of your head?
Did I expect too much to think you’d keep in touch?
I’d kill myself, but I’m already dead

I don’t know why you called me back
But now I’m glad you did
So we can try to figure out
Why you don’t call the kid

Honor thy daughter, she’s your family
They say, “what goes around comes back around”
If you wait to get a call, who’ll be here for you at all?
Not this ghost you had to dig up from the ground!

When she was born, they cut the cord
And now she’s on her own.
But there’s one cord that’s still attached

Pick up the goddam phone!

What a...

HARRY (spoken):
Please, God, not again!

Shame, what a shanda
She lives by new rochelle, not in rwanda
At your age you just let the time go by?
Tell me why, tell me why.

What a shame, what a shanda
If not you, who’s left to be the corresponda?
We had only one girl, we couldn’t send her to yeshiva
So she strayed outside the faith
Is this a reason we should leave huh?

She’s given us two grandkids
The boy looks just like you

Introduce them to their zayde
Be a jew!

What disgrace, what a shanda
One only kid of whom you should be fonda
If i were here, i'd take the blame
But you're alive, and i'm out yonda
For our grandkids' sake, learn a reindeer name

(spoken) Like Cupid, Stupid, Blitzsteen, Donda... Oy, sounds like maybe a law firm!

For someone who sneaks shellfish
You would think your rules would soften

(spoken) I’ll bet even Hitler’s folks called...

Pretty often

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Honor Thy Daughter lyrics from A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical

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