Love Is A Woman Lyrics

Musical by Ellen Schwartz and Laura I. Kramer
A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical - Love Is A Woman Lyrics

Love is a woman, she taught me at last
Though i felt i was over my head
I wanted to run, but her arms held me fast
As love found its home in our bed
Gently she covered the pain of my past
And showed me my future instead

Lover, my lover, you opened the door
To a place i was longing to go
Each day that we shared left me wanting you more

Through lilacs and roses and snow
Learning from you what my lips were for
I needed you more than you know

More than you know

Dizzy in love, I flew too high above
So I crashed when the dream fell apart
I discovered a note...

She wrote
But i haven’t recovered my heart

Love is a body that’s made like my own
That’s a truth she allowed me to see
She was the first and the last love i’ve known
Will i ever again fly so free?
She unlocked my heart, and she gave me the key
To who i’ve become and to all that can be
When love is a woman
Love is a woman
Like me!

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Love Is A Woman lyrics from A Letter to Harvey Milk

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