Frannie's Hands Lyrics

Musical by Ellen Schwartz and Laura I. Kramer
A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical - Frannie's Hands Lyrics

Frannie’s hands
Tiny like a child’s
Always in motion
Never quiet in her lap

Frannie’s hands
Could spare no time for lotion
To cover up the wear and tear
That care carved like a map

Her veins were like rivers
That run into the sea
Her skin, cracked like the desert
So beautiful to me

Frannie’s hands
Stronger than my own
Rocking the kinder
And kneading dough for baking

Frannie’s hands
Reached out when mine were shaking
To knead the spot where muscles knot
Although her own were aching

Our hands under covers
Like lovers in the night
Big and clumsy, strong and little
Clasped each other’s tight

Hands that fit together
Like two peas in a pod
Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

By god...

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Frannie's Hands lyrics from A Letter to Harvey Milk

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