Thanks To Her Lyrics

Musical by Ellen Schwartz and Laura I. Kramer
A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical - Thanks To Her Lyrics

HARRY (sings)
I get up
Have myself a coffee
Half an english muffin
A little cottage cheese
I buy the kind you got by jake’s
I pull out clothes,
What clothes, who knows?
The closet light’s been out since may

FRANNIE (spoken)
The super died, too?

HARRY (sings)
So who’s to care what i should wear
When you’re not here to say?

FRANNIE (spoken)
Aw, bubbeleh

(spoken) Listen.
(sings) Just last month
I go to the center, and there i see a sign
A sign i never seen before

FRANNIE (spoken)
A sign? Are we talking burning bush here?

HARRY (spoken)
You know the only burning bush by me is what you used
to call the redhead on the third floor.

FRANNIE (spoken)
That whore!

HARRY (spoken)
Oy! I lost my place from you already... where was I?

FRANNIE (spoken)
The sign.

HARRY (sings)
The sign reads, “writing class at two.”
I’m thinking, “nu? What the heck?”

FRANNIE (spoken)

HARRY (sings)
So I never in my life wrote something longer than a check

FRANNIE (spoken)
So, you signed up anyhow.

HARRY (spoken)
How do you know?

FRANNIE (spoken)
You’ve been waving that notebook around like crazy... So?

HARRY (sings)
So she hounds me with her questions
About things that make me nuts
Then she gives me these assignments
Where she thinks i’ll spill my guts
But i’m a senior citizen, to me she should defer
Instead i’m getting nightmares, screaming nightmares
Thanks to her!

FRANNIE (spoken)
You always had nightmares.

HARRY (spoken)
Not like this!

FRANNIE (sings)
So give her back her notebook,
Worth a dollar ninety-two
And then tell her it’s too trying
What she’s asking you to do
With all the classes offered,
Why’s it this one you prefer?

HARRY (sings)
I wish I knew the answer, but i’m sleepless

BOTH (sings)
Thanks to her

FRANNIE (sings)
You got a hobby
That goes past your daily needs
When you exercise your mind, it keeps you young
Thanks to her, you dress less slobby
So, so far, this girl succeeds
So what are you complaining?

HARRY (sings)
Bite your tongue!
I’m too old for this!
I remember too much
A cry, a shot, a sigh,
The touch of your touch
It took me years to close the book
Now i should open it?

FRANNIE (spoken)
So leave it closed, already.

HARRY (spoken)
Too late. And look what flew out—ghosts!

FRANNIE (spoken)
But me you called for. Who are these other ghosts?

(sings) What the hell’s in all these nightmares
That make you shake with fear?

HARRY (spoken)
Who knows?

FRANNIE (sings)
You don’t know, or you’re not telling?
Either way, I’m out of here

(spoken) No, wait!
(sings) Do I have to paint a picture?
Show you just the way things were?

FRANNIE (spoken)
Yeah! I’m no Shylock Holmes!

HARRY (spoken)
Sherlock Holmes.

FRANNIE (spoken)
Him, too!

HARRY (sings)
So now I argue with my dead wife
More tsouris
Thanks to—

FRANNIE (spoken)
Enough already!

HARRY (spoken)
Why did I write that letter?

FRANNIE (spoken)
What letter?

HARRY (spoken)
You want I should relive the whole story?

BARBARA (spoken)
Hello, you’re here for the writing class?

(sings) Now the past becomes the present
And it’s all begun to blur

FRANNIE (spoken)
What happened? What happened already?

HARRY (sings)

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Thanks To Her lyrics from A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical

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