Too Old For This Lyrics

Musical by Ellen Schwartz and Laura I. Kramer
A Letter to Harvey Milk the Musical - Too Old For This Lyrics

I'm too old for this, I remember too much
A cry, a shot, a sigh, the touch of your touch
It took me years to close the book, why did i open it?
To let these half-forgotten ghosts fly out again?
Now I can't tell night from day
Frannie, why'd you go away?
I really haven't been myself at all, since then

FRANNIE (spoken)
Sha, Harry, sha. Go back to sleep.

HARRY (spoken)
I’m afraid to sleep Frannie? You’re here?

FRANNIE (spoken)
I’m your wife, where else should I be?
You yelled so loud you woke me up.

HARRY (spoken)
But Frannie... you’re dead.

FRANNIE (spoken)
You yelled very loud.

HARRY (spoken)
(Shaking his head) Another dream...

FRANNIE (spoken)

HARRY (spoken)
But how?

FRANNIE (sings)
Don’t ask; just accept
Harry! It's a mess in here!

HARRY (spoken)
Where are you?

FRANNIE (spoken)

HARRY (spoken)
My head? So you’re not in my bed?

FRANNIE (sings)
Don’t confuse me, i'm still dead. Ouch!

HARRY (spoken)

(Holding up a pen) ARE YOU MISSING MAYBE, A PEN?

HARRY (spoken)

FRANNIE (spoken)
How long have I been dead, anyway?

HARRY (spoken)
Seven years.

(spoken) It’s ‘86 already?
Time flies when you’re dead.
(SHE turns to HARRY)
(sings) Harry! Why'd you wake me up?
Gracie's sick, or god fo
Rbid the kids? Since when?

HARRY (spoken)
Everyone's fine.

(spoken) Good.
(sings) Then I’m going back to sleep

HARRY (sings)
No! Stay, my frannie, stay
Oh, please, don’t go away
I need you more today than any day
Since then!

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