Merrily We Roll Along - Second Transition Lyrics

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Merrily We Roll Along the Musical - Second Transition Lyrics

Some roads are soft
And some are bumpy,
Some roads you really fly.
Some rides are rough
And leave you jumpy,
Why make it tough
By getting grumpy?
Plenty of roads to try.

Nineteen seventy-two…

Nineteen seventy-one…

One trip. Some roads are soft
All you get is and some are bumpy.
One quick ride. Some roads you really fly.
Look around a bit — some roads are rough
One quick ride and leave you jumpy.
Through the why make it tough
Countryside. By getting grumpy?
Stay on the track. Plenty of roads to try…

Nineteen seventy…

Some roads you really fly…

Nineteen sixty-nine…

How does it start to go,
Does it slip away slow
So you never even notice
It’s happening?
Nineteen sixty-eight…

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Merrily We Roll Along the Musical Lyrics

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