Mean Girls the musical - Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise) Lyrics

2018 Broadway
MEAN GIRLS the Musical - Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise) Lyrics

"Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise)" is a song from Mean Girls the Musical performed by Barrett Wilbert Weed (Janis).

JANIS: (spoken)
See? That’s the thing with you Plastics.
You think everybody is in love with you, when actually everybody hates you

CADY: (spoken)
You made me like this. It was your idea for me to pretend to be Plastic!

Buddy, it’s not pretend
You are as plastic as they come
You think your shit don't stink
You think the rest of us are dumb

I hate Regina’s guts
But here’s what you don't comprehend
At least she has the guts
To not pretend to be my friend!

CADY: (spoken)

No, it’s fine
Really fine
Go be fine!

And I want my pink shirt

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Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise) lyrics from Mean Girls the musical