Muriel's Wedding - Lucky Last/ Perry Heslop Lyrics

2017 Sydney
Muriel's Wedding the Musical - Lucky Last/ Perry Heslop Lyrics

Lucky last
Well, if last to be kissed is lucky
Last to be picked on the team is lucky
Last to be invited to parties is lucky, well
I guess that means
I'm the luckiest girl in the world
And everything is great

PERRY HESLOP: (spoken)
And the ball goes flying, Heslop catches it!

All I need is a lucky break

PERRY: (spoken)
He kicks, and with that incredible move,
Heslop has won the game for the gongs in this grand final

MURIEL: (spoken)
I'm not nothing

PERRY: (spoken)
Perry! Perry!

PERRY: (sung)
Perry Heslop
Perry Heslop
He's a champ, he's the man
That makes your jaws drop
No, you can't stop
Perry Heslop
He's a solid gold legendary legend

BILL HESLOP: (spoken)
Perry! Wake up to yourself

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Lucky Last/ Perry Heslop lyrics from Muriel's Wedding the musical