Next to Normal - Why Stay? Lyrics

2009 Broadway
Next to Normal the Musical - Why Stay? Lyrics

Why stay?
Why stay?
So steadfast and stolid
And stoic and solid
for day after every day
Why stay?
Why stay?
Why not simply give in and get on with living
cause everyone knows you tried
but somehow, something died on the way
So tell me why you stay

Why stay?
Why stay?
Enduring and coping and hurting
and Hoping for day after fucking day
Why stay?
Why stay?
Why not simply end it
We'd all comprehend it and most of the world
would say he's better off that way
to be free and maybe so is she

A promise a boy says forever
A boy says whatever may come will come through
and who can know how when all I know now to be true,
is this promise that I made to you.
A question a boy wonders whether (a boy wonders
should I stay) should I stay together the way that they stay
(ohhh either way) for year after year for love or fear either way
thats the promise that I made that day
Here's what I say to the girl who was burning so brightly
Like the light from Orion above
And still I will search for her nightly
if you see her please send her my love
And the boy was a boy for all seasons
That boy is long lost to me now (long lost, so lost)
And the man has forgotten his reasons (his reasons ohhh)
But the man still remembers his vow.
A promise a man says forever
A man says I'll never regret or let you
The promise I made to stay and I stay true.
Knowing one day we'd remember that joy
You'd remember that girl
I'd remember that boy till we do
The promise I made I'll make it brand new.
A promise that I made to you.

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